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Mass General Hospital (top)

Todd Allen, PhD Viral evolution from host cellular and humoral responses in HIV and HCV
Kevin Ard, MD Prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted infections and HIV
Amy Barczak, MD Mechanisms of tuberculosis virulence
Ruanne Barnabas, Ph.D., M.B.,Ch.B. Clinical trials and economic modeling to increase access to prevention and treatment of infectious diseases
Miriam Barshak, MD  
Nesli Basgoz, MD Design and delivery of multidisciplinary care in the field of infectious diseases (HIV primary care and consultative ID care), mycobacterial infections (TB, nontuberculous mycobacteria, mycobacterium leprae), medical education in ID and internal medicine
Ingrid Bassett, MD, MPH Increasing access to prevention and treatment for HIV and other infectious diseases
Lisa Bebell, MD ID and Critical Care Medicine, pregnancy-related infections, HIV and antimicrobial resistance in resource-limited settings
Roby Bhattacharya, MD, PhD Rapid bacterial diagnostics; transcriptomic and genomic analyses of antibiotic resistance
Stephen Calderwood, MD Host immune responses and protective immunity following cholera and cholera vaccination
Richelle Charles, MD Human immune responses to cholera and typhoid fever
Jacqueline Chu, MD  
Andrea Ciaranello, MD Strategies to improve the care of HIV-infected women, children, and adolescents
Benjamin Davis, MD primary care for patients living with HIV, sexual health, sexually transmitted infection prevention, prevention of human papilloma virus associated malignancies
Caitlin Dugdale, MD Simulation modeling and health policy to reduce vertical HIV transmission, optimizing COVID-19 screening strategies in healthcare settings
Marlene Durand, MD  
Joseph ElKhoury, MD Role of the innate immune system in neurodegeneration, inflammation, and infection
Donna Felsenstein, MD  
Jay Fishman, MD Infections in xenotransplantation including porcine endogenous retrovirus and herpesviruses in primate hosts 
Kenneth Freedberg, MD, MSc Clinical outcomes and health policy in chronic disease
Rajesh Gandhi, MD Studies of HIV reservoirs and immune-based therapies, including clinical trials
Jeffrey Gelfand, MD development of clinical adaptable devices employing light based therapy and light-based enhancement of antimicrobial substances to highly resistant wound organisms and chronic infections
Marcia Goldberg, MD Bacterial host-pathogen interactions and rapid diagnostics of infection
Sarah Hammond, MD  
Jason Harris, MD Human immune response to cholera and cholera vaccines
Howard Heller, MD tick-borne diseases
Elizabeth Hohmann, MD Fecal transplantation for C. difficile and other indications
David Hooper, MD Mechanisms and epidemiology of antimicrobial resistance
Deborah Hung, MD, PhD in vivo mechanisms of bacterial pathogenesis and infectious disease diagnostics
Rocio Hurtado, MD mycobacterial disease including intersection with HIV, Tropical Medicine, Global Health
Emily Hyle, MD Epidemiology, health policy, and simulation modeling in HIV and travel medicine
Kristen Hysell, MD antimicrobial stewardship, mycobacterial infections, HIV medicine
Louise Ivers, MD Addressing barriers to the delivery of healthcare in rural, resource-poor settings
Satoshi Kashiwagi, MD, PhD The development of a novel vaccine adjuvant using laser light
Arthur Kim, MD HCV infection in special populations
Dennis Kim, MD, PhD Genetic analysis of host-microbe interactions in the simple animal host C. elegans
Camille Kotton, MD CMV and Transplant; Immunizations and the immunocompromised host
Douglas Kwon, MD, PhD Host-microbe interactions in the gut, lung, and female genital tract in HIV infection
Regina LaRocque, MD, MPH Host factors influencing susceptibility to cholera in endemic settings
Jacob Lemieux, MD DPhil  
Cammie Lesser, MD, PhD Bacterial host-pathogen interactions and the development of designer probiotics as therapeutics
Alyssa Letourneau, MD Immunosuppressed hosts, antimicrobial stewardship, diagnostic stewardship, mycobacterial infections
Michael Mansour, MD, PhD Fungal cell wall carbohydrates in the development of host immune responses
Suzanne McCluskey, MD HIV treatment failure and drug resistance in resource-limited settings
Amir Mohareb, MD  
Anne Neilan, MD MPH Epidemiology, health policy, and simulation modeling among adolescents and young adults living with and at risk of HIV
Sandra Nelson, MD outpatient parenteral antimicrobial therapy (OPAT), musculoskeletal infections
Molly Paras, MD antimicrobial stewardship, infective endocarditis, medical education in ID and internal medicine
Mark Poznansky, MD, PhD Explore basic and applied immunology to reveal new mechanisms that can lead to new vaccines and immunotherapies for infectious diseases, cancer and diabetes
Gregory Robbins, MD, MPH Clinical decision support systems to improve HIV health outcomes
Eric Rosenberg, MD Mechanisms of successful cellular immune responses to HIV
Edward Ryan, MD, DTM&H Host-pathogen interactions, immune reponses and vaccine development for bacterial pathogens
Sarimer Sanchez, MD MPH  
Erica Shenoy, MD, PhD Optimizing infection control policy to improve patient care and resource allocation
Mark Siedner, MD Improving health and quality of life for people with HIV in sub-Saharan Africa
Virginia Triant, MD, MPH Outcomes research on non-communicable/aging-related diseases and HIV
Sarah Turbett, MD  
Jatin Vyas, MD, PhD Innate Immunity to Fungal Pathogens
Bruce Walker, MD Cellular mechanisms of HIV control 
H. Shaw Warren, MD Pathogenesis and treatment of sepsis and induced secondary inflammation
Kimon Zachary, MD HIV, tick-borne infections, mycobacterial infections, COVID-19

Brigham and Women’s Hospital (top)

Lindsey Baden, MD Vaccines and infectious complications of immunosuppression
Meghan Baker, MD  
Lisa Cosimi, MD Development and evaluation of models of capacity building to strengthen quality of healthcare delivery in resource limited settings
Scott Dryden-Peterson, MD, MSc Effect of HIV on cancer risk and oncologic outcome; Pragmatic and traditional clinical trials in HIV and cancer care; Causal inference
Benjamin Gewurz, MD, PhD Genetic, proteomic and immunologic analysis of EBV lytic replication and B-cell transformation
Yonatan Grad, MD, PhD Dynamics of pathogen evolution and spread
Nicolas Issa, MD  
Jacob Johnson, MD  
Jennifer Johnson, MD  
Joel Katz, MD  
Kenneth Kaye, MD Mechanisms of tumor virus persistence and pathogenesis
Michael Klompas, MD Surveillance and prevention of infections in critically ill patients
Serena Koenig, MD, MPH


Clinical trials and observational studies to improve outcomes for people who are living with HIV and/or tuberculosis.


Sophia Koo, MD Metabolite-based methods for diagnosis and therapeutic efficacy assessment of pneumonia and other infections
Daniel Kuritzkes, MD Studies on HIV therapeutics, antiretroviral drug resistance, HIV-1 persistence and eradication
Jonathan Li, MD, MMSc HIV and SARS-CoV-2 drug resistance, persistence, and cure
Mathias Lichterfeld, MD, PhD HIV immune defense mechanisms and clinical development of HIV eradication/cure strategies
Shahin Lockman, MD HIV in developing countries
James Maguire, MD  
Mary Montgomery, MD HIV, breast infections, LGBT health, human-animal medicine
Gerald Pier, PhD Virulence and immunity to microbial pathogens
Richard Platt, MD, MSc Comparative effectivenss and healthcare systems
Holly Rawizza, MD, MPH Pharmacokinetic studies of HIV and TB drugs in children; Operational studies to improve HIV outcomes in Nigeria
Chanu Rhee, MD MPH Epidemiology, surveillance, diagnosis, and prevention of sepsis and infections in critically ill patients
Eugene T. Richardson, M.D.,Ph.D. Biosocial approaches to epidemic disease prevention, containment, and treatment in sub-Saharan Africa
Eric Rubin, MD, PhD, MPH Pathogenesis of tuberculosis
Paul Sax, MD Clinical trials and cost-effectiveness of HIV therapy
Pritha Sen, MD  
Amy Sherman, MD


Vaccinations and respiratory viral infections in immunocompromised hosts


Daniel Solomon, MD intersection of addiction and infectious diseases
Dylan Tierney, MD Tuberculosis diagnosis, treatment, and infection control in resource-limited settings
Athe Tsibris, MD HIV reservoirs and cure
Matthew Waldor, MD, PhD Investigation of pathogen-host interactions in the context of animal models of infection
Ann Woolley, MD  
Sigal Yawetz, MD  

Affiliated Institutions (top)

Jonathan Abraham, MD Cellular entry and antibody neutralization of emerging viruses
Dan Barouch, MD, PhD HIV immunology and development of novel vaccine and eradication strategies
Sarah Fortune, MD Molecular pathogenesis of tuberculosis infection
Dennis Kasper, MD Immune-pathogen interactions
Dennis Kim, MD, PhD Molecular Genetics of Host-Microbe Interactions in C. elegans
Carole Mitnick, ScD Observational studies and clinical trials of tuberculosis therapy
Megan Murray, MD, ScD Transmission dynamics of infectious diseases
Bisola Ojikutu, MD, MPH biomedical HIV prevention, racial and ethnic disparities in HIV-related outcomes
Pardis Sabeti, MD, Msc, DPhil